India Design & Décor Market

India's Home Decor Market (Home Textile, Floor Covering, Furniture) is estimated to be $33.45 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $40.98 billion by 2028, growing at 4.14% CAGR.

Interior design is booming due to the growing Indian real estate market, growing population, rising income levels, and urbanization.

Designing services are also in high demand due to the influence of social media, and changes in the living standards and lifestyle of the people.

People are choosing theme-based designs for their commercial and residential spaces and fusions of global influences like Mediterranean & European styles mixed with ethnic Indian designs are increasingly common nowadays.

The overall India décor market is growing at 20% but the South Indian market is growing at a faster clip of 25 to 30%.

The home category's three broad segments - furnishings, furniture and décor, have been growing positively with a minor shift of market share from furniture to décor in the last few years due to more spend on upgrading interiors & décor to revamp the look of homes and offices

India is one of the fastest growing markets for home furnishings in Asia-Pacific.

Rising demand for home decor products such as bed linen products, wall hangings, rugs & carpets, etc., along with growing demand for handcrafted products is boosting the country's home furnishing market.



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